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Jamie Atkinson is a freelance writer and sales coach who has over 10 years of experience coaching, selling and training in the field.

He was born in the UK but now travels all over the world, teaching other aspiring entrepreneurs how to achieve their own success by sharing the benefits of having a lifestyle business.

The truth is, admitting you’re a little nervous about the date can help to build some common bonds between you are your date immediately.

A lot of people feel nervous on the first date, so it’s not an unusual thing to admit. Being honest is important and letting your date know where you’re at can take off some of the pressure.

Bending the truth, white lies, and even outright lying shouldn’t have any place on your first date or any for that matter.

Starting off your relationship with a lie, even a small one, can have disastrous knock-on effects.

‘ Answer: Yes An open question is: ‘What do you like about living in New York?

’ Answer: One of my favorite things about living in New York is no-two days are different.

Those should be alarm bells if you get that lost option by the way.

Instead of asking about how much somebody earns or talking about how much you earn, talk instead about what you find rewarding from your work, or ask the same question to your date.

You’d think this would be obvious but in any social situation with new people, bringing up a conversation where you have an opposing view can leave the other person devaluing what you say, it’s probably best leaving those conversations at the door.

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